Tuesday, 4 August 2009

...Which Was Nice

If you're one of my younger readers, you may be little more than vaguely familiar with one of my favourite comedy programmes of recent years, The Fast Show. It has come to mind as I write this blog, because whenever I have something to boast about, I get a bit embarrassed and think I sound like the character from that show called Patrick Nice. Patrick is always shown chatting to the camera in his kitchen; after a totally preposterous boast, along the lines of "...'...and I was rummaging around in the attic and I found the original copy of the Bible,' he will round it off with "Which was nice," said in that way that posh actors are wont to do, when mentioning awards and things.

Well, I don't have any awards to mention, but I did get a couple of NICE things in the mail while I was away on holiday, which makes a pleasant change from letters threatening to cut off my electricity, or parking ticket reminders. One was a renewed contract for the TV show Jinx (see previous blog posts), which will now...*fanfare*...be screened by the BBC, not Nickelodeon. I've known about this for some time, but the news was Top Secret, so I wasn't allowed to tell anyone, not even my neighbour's deaf dog. But it's public now, so I can blog about it. And tell the deaf dog, who as yet has not become a follower of my blog. (Actually, I cheated: I told her already...)

Also, rather excitingly, Orchard are bringing out BRAND NEW EDITIONS of all three of my Lulu Baker books, to tie in with the series (which will be screened in the autumn)! And yes, even though the TV series is VERY different from my books (again, see my previous comments on this) it's great to see those words "Now a Major CBBC TV Series!" (Incidentally, has anyone ever seen a tie-in book cover with the words "Now a Minor TV Series/Motion Picture!" on the front? No, neither have I).

There have been some changes to the production; I shall be very curious to see the
finished thing. One change I'm REALLY pleased about is that the 'Aunt Cookie' character that was in the original has been changed to simply 'Cookie', and has gone from being a white, matronly figure, to a funky young black lady:
This is especially good from my point of view because, as anyone familiar with my Lulu Baker books will know, I had a very central, important black character in them, Cassandra. She was ditched for the TV series; they were thinking at one point that they might make Frenchy black, but then this happened instead. Which is interesting because things have almost come full circle in that Cookie, like my Cassandra, is a sort of muse figure. I have no idea whether Glynnie, my Indian character, will feature.

Oh, and speaking of covers, you may be amused to see these new Japanese editions of Pink Chameleon and Blue Gene Baby:

Groovy, huh? Google translates them as the "Lolly & Elsie Magic Fashionable" books. I came across these when I Googled myself recently (in case you're wondering, I only did it because a writer friend Facebooked something funny she'd found while self-Googling, and NOT because I'm an egomaniac, OK?) I also found a review of Chocolate Wishes in Hungarian; here, Google's translating skills were taxed even further, resulting in many hilarious bilingual phrases such as "plenty of exciting kötetéből", which I have since adopted as my favourite quote about my books.

OK, so I mentioned there was something else in the mail, and...ah, no, I can't tell you about that yet. Because it was just an email about something ELSE that I'm hoping will arrive in the snail mail shortly. And when it does, I'll tell you about it. Meanwhile, here's me on holiday in some rocky place.

We hiked, cycled, body-boarded and ate an enormous number of clotted cream teas. We found baby crabs, and random teddies perched on lobster pots. I alone made arrangements out of seaweed.

And we took in views like this one:

Which was nice.

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Anonymous said...

ooooh. excited about your new covers! excited about the show. could you make the japanese covers a bit bigger? i wanna see! AND ... when you do your japan tour, are you allowed to bring friends?

fionadunbar said...

I can't at the moment, Candy, as I don't have copies; these are the size they were on the web page. Will nag my publisher to send me some! As for that tour...might be a little soon to call myself 'big in Japan', but you can be sure that should such a thing happen, you won't be able to shut me up about it.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ooh, wonderful, all sorts of lovely nicenesses! Lots to be nicely pleased about! Delighted for you, Fiona!

Lucy said...

V exciting news, and trust we will be hearing about the snail mail development soon (if the postal strike allows). Nice covers too. Am signed up on FB networkedblogs and here too. Thought I was already, but apparently not! xxL

Anonymous said...

It looks as if this might actually work ... we shall see.

ADORE the manga covers! More international cover photos please?

(This is Helen, by the way, Google still hates me.)