Sunday, 10 May 2009

Revealed at last!
Where I get my ideas from.

PLUS: Your ideas!

I've made a movie! Of course, it's not the first. I was in a film called The Music Machine (1979. "So bad it's good!"*) but seeing as that came and went faster than a recent glimmer of economic hope, and as I'm one of about 200 dancers and on screen for all of about five seconds, you could be forgiven for having missed that one. [If your mum happens to be Patti Boulaye and you have a copy, I'm the one in the moss-green pencil skirt suit from Bus Stop, and some highly impractical heels.]

The great thing about the world of YouTube is that you get to make your own movie, and be the STAR!! Nobody out-shines me in this film, because...well, because there's nobody else in it. Though the editor, Candy Gourlay, is the hidden star and it would have been rubbish without her wit and technical wizardry. *Little bit of trivia*: the music is by a band called Bon Bon Kaotikai, featuring, on the accordion, Geoff Morgan, the widower of the lovely late author Siobhan Dowd. Here are the Bon Bons playing in their swimming costumes, like you do:

Anyway, do take a look at my vid. And I'd love it if you posted a comment too!

*Wrong. So bad it's bad, actually.

You Clever Lot

Well done to all of you who won copies of Tiger-Lily Gold! I hope you enjoy the final romp home, and all the surprises along the way...well, I certainly hope they are surprises. Some of you also submitted your ideas about what might happen in this book. Thank you; I enjoyed reading them and can reveal this much: you're all wrong, ha ha! But you are also very clever in that you've really thought about all aspects of the plot so far, and have some interesting angles on the possibilities:

"Rorie and Elsie escape again and they steal more worn clothes and more types of transportation, this time they take Nolita with them and they continue on their quest to find their parents. On the way they get caught stealing something and it goes to the police, Nolita has to go to court, but with a helping hand Rorie and Elsie manage to smuggle her out. Once they have tiptoed past the rexco guards, they find their parents, but it isn't that easy to do. After a day of planning they manage to break in and reunite with their parents!"

Jessica Lavery, Chorley Lancashire

"I'm going to work with what i know as i've only read the first book (Excellent book by the way). I think maybe the silk sisters might go on the hunt for another relative or discover something else Rorie can do with her abilities. Maybe Rorie might have a problem keeping her secret or they might find another lead which will take them closer to the mystery of their parents...The list is endless really!"

Hannah Abban, Hackney, London

"I think that Nolita Newbuck played a part in their parents disappearance because I have always thought that she seemed a bit suspicious and thinking about it now, I think that she heard about them inventing really cool clothes, therefore seeing it as a threat to her that they might become bigger and better than her and become the new King and Queen of fashion instead of her!!"

Charlotte Mullarkey, Exeter, Devon

"I think that Rorie & Elsie will look every-where for their parents and uncover some awful secrets about Uncle Harris, Rexco, the machine that robs people of their identities, Minimerica and maybe more about Nolita Newbuck! And when they can’t find their parents, inspector Dixon will say in the news that they have miraculously appeared in their own home and when Rorie & Elsie see them again and they’ll say, “We’ve been here all the time!”And they will both wake up from their wonderful dream, and realise that they are once more in the back of a car, but their parents rescue them with their new invention."

Madeline Helyar, Wagga Wagga, Australia* *Madeline qualified as she is visiting relatives in London, where her copy has been sent. But I love the fact that it will end up in Wagga Wagga.


Annaxxx said...

i love the movie i found it very interesting!! amd helpfull!! is the end of tiger lily gold very suprising??? love annaxx P.S thankyou very much for my copy of tiger lily gold i love it and thank you for sighing it aswell!!xx

fionadunbar said...

You will have to read it and find out! As for the film – well, I hope you found it funny as well! As for helpful, well...I hate to disappoint you, Anna, but I might have fibbed a bit. Only a bit.

Enjoy the book!

Charlotte xx said...

Thank you very much for my copy of tiger lily gold! I can't wait to read it, at the moment I am reading Twilight, remember you recommended it to me?! Anyway i love it and when i finish it i will start your book. Anna loved twilight and i hope i do. Have you read the twilight series.
Charlotte xx

Charlottexx said...

The movie is graet, it was very interesting and funny!!!I definitley agree about the sparkly bits!! I am writing a book. It is a 2 in 1 book and I hve been writing it for years because I keep forgetting about it! Maybe one day, when I'm older you'll se it in Waterstones!! Mybe, just maybe!!! Once again thank you very much for my tiger lily gold.
Charlotte Mullarkey xx

charlottexx said...

I am reading Tiger Lily Gold at the moment and I am at the bit where Rorie and Lilith are talking about auras.
So far, I love it and can't wait to read it all, Anna has read it whilst on her hols in Spain and she loved it!!
love charlottexx