Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Telly Thing: an Update

You may remember a while back, I mentioned that some telly people were interested in making a sitcom series based on my Lulu Baker books, but that they'd been thinking about it for approximately three hundred years, and all the indications were that they would continue to do the same for another three hundred or so. Well, finally, I have Some News:

The Telly Thing is Happening

Yes! It's "got the green light", as we people in medialand like to say (and I get to say things like 'we people in medialand'...oh, shut up.)

Unfortunately the lead actress who starred in the pilot is n
ow a forty-seven-year-old mother of five, so she may no longer make a very convincing 13-year-old grappling with evil stepmother issues. So I'm not sure who's going to star in it. But more anon. It's for a cable channel (Nickelodeon), but I don't know yet whether a terrestrial channel or whatever they call them nowadays will buy it any case, it's not due to be aired until about a year from now, by which time you'll probably be all grown up and sophisticated, and more interested in reading Tolstoy and watching Newsnight, so apologies if that seems an awfully long way away.

I also don't know what they're going to do to avoid any confusion between this Jinx and Meg Cabot's book of the same name...or maybe they won't mind.

What I do know is that the telly thing WILL be very different from the book thing. I was a sort of consultant for about five minutes, but actually the series has very little to do with the books; it is a horse of a very different colour indeed...

If you are already a fan of the books, it may take you by surprise; if you haven't read the books but find you enjoy the show, I would definitely encourage you to read the books as well.


Anonymous said...

woo hoo for yoooo!

ps i don't think i will ever achieve grown up and sophisticated nor have i ever read tolstoy.


fionadunbar said...

Thanks Candy! And ditto, I think...

Catherine Johnson said...

Woo-hoo go go tv tie in covers! Congratulations Fiona even if it's more like a llama of a completely different hue.

fionadunbar said...

Thanks Catherine. LOL!