Friday, 11 July 2008

Unexpected Item in Blogging Area

Here is your very own unexpected item!

It's taken me a long time to get around to blogging, I know. That's because I was scared. I thought the blog monster might take over my life, because as everyone knows, blog monsters are very tiny, but once they enter your bloodstream they multiply into squillions of blog monsters, and the next thing you know, you're drinking maximum strength coffee at 2am, staring with bloodshot eyes at the glowing screen, and telling the world about your last irritating encounter with the automatic checkout machine at Tesco's, when NOBODY CARES.

Here is a picture of a Blog Monster:

Beware. It probably will take over my life: if it does, and I do get really boring/pompous/snarky do please tell me off, won't you? Ta.


Anonymous said...

But it looks like such a friendly blue blotch!

Welcome to the blogosphere!

fionadunbar said...

Thanks Candy. He may LOOK friendly, but he is pure eeee-vill.

Anonymous said...

hiya fiona love your books you r soooo cool i am doing a biography on u 4 school we have 2 do it on someone we admire so i picked u

fionadunbar said...

Hello Anna! You've just responded to my very first blog post; hope you read the rest!

I'm chuffed about the biography! Thanks for choosing me, and I hope you get a good mark.

Fiona :-)


hiya fiona its anna
i absolutly LOVE ur books wish i could have them sighnd
i am going on holiday tomorrow to australia hope u have a brilliant christmasxxxx anna

fionadunbar said...

Have a great time down under! Fiona x